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Signature "Duo Sister Group" interview with Tina Schrell


"Approved by God"

Tina Schrell message to Signature:

As I stated, ladies you have inspired me very much. You are such kindred spirits, down to earth, and so refreshing is the music God inspired through you. We laughed and shared and I truly am thankful to God for raising you two up for such a time as this . I believe you will be a hope to many, which says this, "that if you work hard and are obedient at doing consistently what God has called you to do He will come through for you." I just want to say keep up the great work and keep letting your light shine ladies, it was an honor. All Glory to God!! I love Jesus so much, He is so dope.

P.S., Don't forget to contact me when you're in NY. The secret is out, and i'm holding you to it, lol. :)

TS: How did you get signed?

Bonnie: It was God ordained. I was in school, just sitting in my library. In comes this guy and he approaches me, "I didn't know him at all." He proceeds to say, "hey, I know you and your sister I saw you all on TV performing and at events." From then on he started to encourage us. This same individual is now is our manager, and whose name is Johnny Boy and we now have been working with him for years. He pushes us and we would consistently be in the studio just working. By this connection who has connections and as a result we got signed, it happened in God's time. My advice to anyone who wants to make it - is to keep at it. Don't give up. God will make it happen in due time.

TS:What do you want people to know about Signature?

Michelle: We want people to know that it's a genuine love here. It's our desire to inspire people and touch lives all over. We got to come together especially with all that's going on. I feel we are called to touch lives of young people and we already are in Jesus name. We are called for such a time as this, and will our part to reach as many as we can. There are many out there without hope, love, and guidance. We are just here to share the love of God, let people know that He is real and He really loves them.

TS: Did you ever think it would happen so soon?

Bonnie: I didn't think it would happen so soon. While in the studio with Johnny who again would push us all the time, we're in the studio all the time. We have been blessed to work with many great people, namely a few are Fred Jerkins and Alvin Garrett who produced the song, "All Things Big,"and so many others. Johnny had connection with the CEO from Birmingham Entertainment, (Ronald Pole), and he asked to hear us sing, after that we got signed. It was God's plan, for his purpose and His timing. We are so grateful. Hopefully, this encourages someone to keep working at your craft and doing what God called you to do. Things will come together for you, keep focus!!

TS: What does your name mean Signature?

Bonnie: Signature just means God has given us his stamp of approval to GOD FORTH!!

Michelle: My interpretation is, when you are asked to provide a signature it's because this is something that's original and can't be duplicated or replicated. We have our own individual sound, style and are called to do what God has called us to do for such a time as this.

TS: Who pushed you all to do follow your dreams, besides Jesus who is definitely spearheading this movement, yourselves, and your manager? Also, where did you all get your work ethic from?

Michelle: My mom pushes us, and our dad and we got our work ethic from them. Dad is our Pastor, who has now been pastoring for over 27 years and our mother who just got ordained as a Pastor and preached her first trial sermon. We are so proud of her and them both.

TS: What's coming up for Signature, what's on the calendar?

Bonnie: We will be in Selma, Alabama this weekend for a Prayer March, an event geared towards saving the youth. We are going back in the studio to work on some new music.

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