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Tamela Mann Talks with Tina Schrell


One Way

"Tamela opened the conversation with bubbly banter, definitely was a much needed ice-breaker. Love it! She made me feel so comfortable; such a great woman of God, funny, and very down to earth. The conversation with her seemed as if I've known her for years. Truly a gem, kindred spirit, and such a doll. Our talks began with Tamela’s take on my 3rd love-after God and my daughter, which is fashion. Let's go!! "

Tina: Who is your stylist? Can I ask that? I'm asking because - whether you're at an award show, or making an appearance, no matter the forum you always look stunning. As a side-note; Just know I can be very girly girl at times, the type that would corner a sister only to talk about hair and fashion. Those that know me would nod to this statement. I probably can’t afford your stylist anyways?

Tamela: Why thank you! Sure you can ask that. My stylist is Karla Langs. She is on social media if you want to contact her. You would be surprised she is very affordable. You don't have to break your pockets to look good. Being a stylist is a very competitive career; The way to stay in and build your clientele is to be reasonably priced and great at what you do. I'm asked this question all the time. However, I’m all the way in Texas and you're in New York.

Tina: Honey, I’m willing to travel.

Tamela: (Laughing) There are clients that would travel from afar to be styled by her. She's well sought out.

Tina: Wow, the things we learn - when we just ask the question.

"Tamela, the way I feel God leading me with this interview is to just let you, Encourage, someone. I always ask questions as the Lord inspires. If he doesn't give me any questions I don't know what to say."

Tina: What advice would you give to inspiring artists?

Tamela: The advice I would give an aspiring artist is, “Don’t let NO stop you. Work your gift. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Whether in a theater, church, school: Do it where-ever, and whenever you can and as often as possible. Practice is very important, it prepares you for stage presence, strengthens your vocals, builds confidence and just helps you in many different ways. You must work your gift, I can’t stress that enough. You never know where you will make that one connection that could launch your career - if you are not getting out there and working your gift.

When I started out singing, I was in choir and I gave it my all. I sung the loudest and strongest. God began to elevate me and and I began to sing lead soprano. People would take to me. The Lord will send people to me, and give me favor with great men. They would sponsor me for things relative to building my career for Him. God opened many doors for me. The Lord did this all so I can do His work. All for His glory. We were poor and my mother would do what she could. God did it! He provided. I can't thank Him enough. You must love the Lord and what you do and have a passion from within. I’m reminded of something my mother said to me when I was a teenager, “If I love the Lord with all my heart, He will take me far.” The Word of the Lord says, “Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men.” I never dreamed of all that has transpired in my life. Have faith, do what you do all to the Glory of God and work. I’m tearing up and trying not to, but you are stirring me Tina Schrell. Just like you and your writing and the things that you are doing in media, keep it up.

Tina: What advice would you give young ladies? “Woman to woman real talk ”

Tamela: What I would say to young ladies is; We have to remember our worth. We can’t be squatting or dropping it (whatever we wanna call it). We must have standards. Trust and Believe God will make a way - you don’t have to sell yourself for stuff. I can see when we don’t know, but for those of us that know, do better and be an example for our girls coming up under us. There are always people watching. I prayed and taught my girls these principles and now we teach my granddaughters. We have to break the curse. I was watching a show and the ladies were calling each other B's for fun. If we women call each other B's and address each other using disrespectful words as if it's cool and right, men will do the same. Why would we have anyone address us that way? There is nothing wrong with playing around and having fun. I am always clowning around, and was having fun with you today, but clean fun.” If we want respect we must first respect ourselves. Women, God has blessed us. Let your light shine, you are beautiful. The word of God says, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” We are precious in Jesus sight, and He loves us even when others around us seemingly don’t. This is why you can be the who God is making you into unapologetically. Choose to take a stand and God will back you up and put people in your life that would appreciate you for who you are. Women we have to stick together, and stand for something. This is why I do what I do; To help uplift, and be a light for Christ in very dark world. I can go on and on with this. This is my heart.

Tina: I don't mind. Please keep flowing, and sharing. It's blessing me. I know it will bless someone else.

Tamela: "Just like my song, "One Ways says,"

You might be a millionaire

or discover the cure for disease

You might be cool with the president

or have around the clock security

None of this matter if you don't know the Lord

because you can't pay your way in

and I don't want to be the one to say

I told ya so I gonna scream it loud and clear

One Way, One Way...There's only one way

I really pray that this album, One Way really blesses someone and carries over a clear message that there is only one way. No matter what we are going through these days and times we must remember Jesus is the way, and He will help you through whatever situation you're facing. He is soon to return and I want everyone to be ready. I encourage everyone to go buy the album, it will bless you.

When people see me doing what I do for God, it's my prayer that He be glorified. Don't look at Tamela, but see Him. When you come to my concerts or whatever don't look at me, see Him. I don't have an earthly father. I just want my heavenly father to be proud.

The release date for David and Tamela Mann's album:

One Way

September 9th, 2016

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