Today we all are saddened to hear of the passing of a music genius, Melvin Crispell. Melvin was admired by many, and definitely left his mark and legacy. He worked with many but namely New York City greatest gospel music pillars, our very own  Hezekiah Walker, the late Reverand Timothy Wright, James Hall, and many others.  He has done much not all to be mentioned in this one writing.


This is a big blow to hit to gospel music.  The reactions from those who knew him, and of him - are all having the same reaction.  Stunned! Total shock and in disbelief of this news.


 Melvin Crispell was inspiration to many musicians, and gospel groups and artists. A true gift of our time, God had need for him. He played with heart, skill, and anointing. A God ordained gift loaned to us for a short time.


Before we can wipe our eyes from one moment to the next, we seem to be experiencing an heighten amount losses; seemingly almost daily presently. All the losses we have experienced in times past. He will truly be missed. Please pray for his son Melvin Crispell III, who will carry the torch of the excellent musical skill and ability as dad and anointed mother. Pray for Tunesha Crispell, and for his whole family and dear friends as well. Keep them lifted.


His life, and legacy shall live on in and through the lives of the many he has touched through the gift of music.


God Bless everyone, I love you all. Whether I see you or not, whether we speak often or not. know you are loved. "Tina Schrell"







NYC Stunned By Loss Of Gospel Music Genius, A Definite Big Hit To NYC Gospel Family and Beyond, S.I.P Melvin Crispell

Davone Ministry, NYC Own Gospel Rapper, With the FIRE!! This Young Man Is Gonna Make It!! Follow Him or Miss This Move...


Davone Ministry is young minister and gospel rapper, a NYC resident. The name Davone Ministry, is definitely prophetic and exact depiction of who he is as an artist. Its all about Ministry and Music with him, He definitely has that fire!!!


If you never saw him do what the Lord has endowed him to do, you are missing out. You will definitely be on your feet and praising. As the title of his single, “FLY,” name states, YOU WILL WANT TO FLY. Fly into your destiny and fly in line, fly right, FLY FOR JESUS!


God snatched this young man from the grips of the devil’s claws just a few short years ago and he is already doing wonders in that name JESUS. It’s just the beginning. Davone have endured many hardships and God spared him from death on occasions. He has a testimony for you and your young people, and inspirational words from the Lord. Book him for your youth conferences, your gospel domestic and international platforms. You won’t be disappointed. I have seen alter calls after this young man brought forth the Word of God with POWER, and young people flooded the altar.


I woke up this morning and God lead me to do this write-up.  All I kept hearing was, “He’s Gonna Make It!!!” I had to get this done before the day ended because this piece is ordained of God. All Glory Be To God for this wonderful gift he has given to us. Davone is my brother from another mother, and God has connected us. Sometimes I want to give him a nuggy, or knuckle sandwich. J He truly loves God and God’s people and He is ministry.

Support him, show him some love, he is on the grind. All through out the boroughs from Coast to Coast. He could be doing many other things, he is a raw talent but He is doing it for JESUS despite the odds, or what is seemingly unpopular in this world.

He has been featured on 106 & Park, and performed on many others platforms. As an avid, faithful member of Restoration Tabernacle where Bishop Jason Hendrickson is pastor located in Brooklyn NY, he is trusted minister and mentee, son, and brother there. Keep Him Lifted Yall!! Follow Him, Show Him some love. Come on NYC and beyond. 




Remember I love you all, support my brother. Get busy, if God said it, IT IS SO!! Don’t just go, FLYYYYYYY!


Jesus Culture's, "Fill Me Up Cover by Danielle Lewis & The Pure Worship Band


How often can you find a christian that truly exemplifies Christ? Danielle Lewis is a woman of God that's for sure. She and her husband partners in many business ventures, one of which is the, "Pure Worship Band." 


This band did a cover on Jesus Culture's, "Fill Me Up." The time of the release couldn't be more timely for me. It touched me immensely and i'm sure countless others. This cover is definitely one you would have on repeat to set the tone for worship, studying, and just to rest in Abba's presence. 


Danielle "Purely" Lewis vocal sound is so pure. She don't occupy songs with  unecessary vocal gymnastics, because what she has is straight from God. Her sound is definitely to usher God's people back to the feet of our savior Jesus Christ, our first love. 


The "Pure" sound, hence the word has also sparked many other business ventures for Danielle. She is CEO of company that sells her very own custom fragrance, nail polish, and more. 


I can't mention the lady without acknowledging the CEO of the band - her husband Andre A-Minor Johnson. He is the creative genius behind the music that has brought them before great men, trending high on social media, and reaching the masses. They are a power couple, a dynamic duo. I can't wait to see what's ahead for them in 2014 and beyond. 


Check them out: www.pureworshipband.com, download this cover there for free.