Going on 5 years together, 4 years married, purchased our first home together last year and expecting a baby next year... God has been great to us. Sure life isn't perfect and you could say we live check to check but I view it as living blessing to blessing. God has provided so much for us and truly feel part of that blessing comes from us fasting the first 40 days of our relationship to ask God what He wanted out of it instead of focusing on what we wanted. And only through His strength we were able to refrain from having premarital sex until we were married. Something we both struggled with. There's more to our story but we'll call this Brolin (Brooke + Colin) Smith.


"Recently this couple experienced the loss of their beautiful baby girl, Kennedy Grey. Their little angel which had passed before being born. Whose arrival was highly anticipated by them of course and us all that love and follow them. Most importantly keep them in prayer. Please check out their complete story which can be found on their facebook page - Brooke Smith, and Colin Smith."


Their story and courage shown now inspite of is so faith provoking and encouraging. The strength God has given them attests to the miracle working power of God. This same power that is still working to this day in his people.


Follow them, show them some love. Read their story and be blessed.  RIP Kennedy Grey (You have done more in your absence than some of us have done in our entire life.) 




MAY 19TH, 2014


TSS Show acknowledges Married Couple; Brooke & Colin Smith...Amazing Story!!